Our Location

Avoca Roastery & Espresso Lounge is located in the "Near Southside" district of Fort Worth at the corner of West Magnolia and 6th Avenue.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is an artisan micro roast perfected through detailed work, method and obsession.

Our Mission

All of our products are judged by how it is grown, gathered and treated. We use organics when possible and direct trade is a priority. AVOCA is about a seed to cup philosophy.

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Local Flavor

At Avoca, we focus on bringing local excellence to your cup. Share our passion of bringing excellence to locals by locals.


AVOCA Coffee is Fort Worth’s independent one stop shop for a bag or cup of locally roasted beans. We focus on bringing local excellence to your cup.

Single Origin

Avoca Coffee is proud serve single origin coffees from around the globe.


Avoca Coffee is proud to offer the finest Espresso coffee from around the world.

Brewing Techniques

Come in and learn our tried and true method to the perfect cup.