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Single Origin

We offer a wide range of single origin coffees from around the world

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Country:        Colombia
Elevation:      1700 - 2000 m
Harvest:        October - January
Certificates:  Fair Trade & Organic
Process:        Swiss Water
buttery mouthfeel with notes of roasted almond and an aroma of honey
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Process: Water Process Certifications: Organic

Price: $13.50

Guatemala – San Rafael Urias Estate

Region:          Antigua
Country:        Guatemala
Elevation:      1700 meters
Variety:         Bourbon & Typica
Process:        washed
Notes:           aroma of honeysuckle and cherry blossom with black cherry and cocoa flavor

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We recommend city to full city roast. This coffee can take a dark roast and carries aromatic nuances of honeysuckle and cherry blossom, with flavor notes of black cherry and cocoa.

Price: $13.50

Costa Rica – Don Roberto

Region:          Tres Rios
Country:        Costa Rica
Elevation:      1600 meters
Variety:         Caturra
Process:        washed
Notes:           spicy aroma, vibrant acidity with a well rounded and rich body

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A light roast really allows the acidity to sparkle. This coffee is packed with juicy citrus acidity and is rounded out with a sweet, milk chocolate aftertaste.

Price: $13.50

Ethiopia – Mokamba

Region:        Mokamba
Country:       Ethiopia
Elevation:     1700 - 2000 m
Harvest:       November - February
Notes:          silky buttery mouthfeel with notes of bourbon, pipe tobacco, apricots and blueberry

Price: $13.50